At TOSIGNS quality goods and happy customers are our priority.


We value new and repeat customers and always educate them for the importance of signs and since signs are so commonplace their importance is often taken for granted.


You should know that your sign can be a major contributor to the success of your business, and an effective sign is one that will…


Attracts New Customers

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” This statement could not be anymore true for your business. You may be surprised to know that people actually learn about your business through your sign more than by word of mouth, a newspaper, yellow page directory advertisement, or radio and television commercial. Your investment in signage is the most effective use of your advertising dollars.


Enforces Product Branding

Signage helps to develop brand recognition in the mind of consumers. On a daily basis it presents words, graphics and symbols that are related to your business. It also helps familiarize others with your business message and services.


Creates Sales Impulses

If your sign is effective in grabbing attention, it will serve as your silent but effective salesman. With the use of its colors, text and graphics a professional sign will boost your visibility and increase your sales.


If you ask “Why would a business need a professional sign?”

Your business signage is one of the most important and critical parts of your overall business presentation. It should instantly communicates a great deal of information to the viewer about your business or your services. Unlike most other short-lived forms of advertising a sign is usually on display for years.


Your sign is a never tiring sales person constantly proclaiming the merits of your business to all who pass. Signs are much more than just a board with a name on it, a sign has a vital and important job to do, and that is to attract; to stand out and get attention of your target audience and to clearly and concisely communicate your message to your customers in a few moments of viewers time.


We understand how signs get read, we strive to communicate the idea to all our clients that we’re not only creating a sign for you, but actually for your potential customers who will be looking at it. A well designed sign and logo is one of the best investments you as a business owner can make, especially when starting a new business.


Do it right the first time and this will help ensure success of your business.


Trust your Project to TOSIGNS it would be our privilege to help you project professionalism in whatever business you are and no matter what your target market may be.

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